RatCoin 3.0 Wallet Setup Guide For Windows

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4 min readFeb 9, 2022



Having trouble getting your RatCoin wallet set up? Don’t stress, we have you covered with our step-by-step RatCoin Wallet Setup Guide

No matter what level of experience you have with crypto or Windows, setting up the RatCoin wallet for Windows is actually quite simple.

To get your RatCoin wallet up and running, simply follow these steps:

STEP 1 — Download the RatCoin Wallet for Windows

Download the RatCoin qt wallet here and save the file to your desktop.

STEP 2 — Adjust your Computer Sleep Settings

Visit your computer’s Power & Sleep settings (see google search for help) and adjust the settings so that your computer never sleeps. Your monitor sleep settings, however, do not need to be adjusted.

STEP 3 — Open the RatCoin Wallet File

NOTE: Windows is known to flag the RatCoin3.0-qt.exe file as a Trojan. This can occur because of the staking feature in the wallet itself. Staking from the wallet requires you to have ports open on your computer to receive incoming network data in order to validate transactions and secure the network. We suggest allowing it to download and creating an exception in your anti-virus software (see google search for help).

Run the wallet for the first time by double clicking on the RatCoin3.0-qt.exe file. Windows may pop up a warning screen like this (this is from Windows 10 and your computer may show something different):

Don’t worry, this is normal. Simply click on the “More Info” underlined link and the following window will appear:

Click on “Run Anyway” and this will start the wallet. If you have Windows Defender active you may also have an additional pop-up window asking you to allow the wallet through the firewall (as shown below). Just click on the “Allow Access” button and your wallet should start.

You should now have the RatCoin Wallet window open and it should look something like this:

You will notice that the wallet is out of sync and the network icon may show no connections which is normal.

STEP 4 — Sync the Wallet to the RatCoin Network

Click on the Settings menu at the top of the wallet, select Encrypt Wallet, and create a passphrase. Store the passphrase in a safe place.

Next, choose Unlock Wallet in the Settings menu, enter your passphrase, and ensure the box “For staking only” is checked. Press Ok.

From this point forward keep your computer on and connected to the internet at all times. If you turn off your computer and turn it back on you will need to re-open the wallet, re-enter your passphrase, and unlock it again.

After some time the wallet should sync and you should see evidence of staking occurring (hint, look for green indicators displaying on the wallet).

Congratulations! You now have a working RatCoin wallet are helping to support the RatCoin Network!

Feel free to visit us on Telegram for any additional help you require.

All RatCoin3.0 wallet addresses will begin with a capital “R”. To backup your wallet click on the File menu at the top of the wallet and select Backup Wallet. Save your wallet.dat (this is the file that contains your coins) in a safe place. Make sure you back up your wallet regularly!

For Advanced Users:

Now that you have run the RatCoin wallet for the first time a new folder called RatCoin3.0 will have been created with all of the wallet files (including your wallet.dat file) in it. This folder is created in the /AppData/Roaming/ folder of the user that was logged in during the initial setup. You can find this folder by typing %appdata% in your Windows search box and scrolling down until you find the RatCoin3.0 folder. When you open the folder it should look something like this: